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IT Security Newsletter - 1/10/2022

Top News

Patch systems vulnerable to critical Log4j flaws, UK and US officials warn

Criminals are actively exploiting the high-severity Log4Shell vulnerability on servers running VMware Horizon in an attempt to install malware that allows them to gain full control of affected systems, the UK's publicly funded healthcare system is warning. CVE-2021-44228 is one of the most severe vulnerabilities to come to light in the past few years. It resides in Log4J, a system-logging code library used in thousands if not millions of third-party applications and websites. READ MORE...


3.7M FlexBooker Records Dumped on Hacker Forum

A threat group that identifies itself as Uawrongteam is dumping data stolen from FlexBooker - a popular online appointment scheduling tool for booking services ranging from counseling to haircuts - on a cybercriminal forum. The data from FlexBooker is being offered up by Uawrongteam, along with other databases stolen on the same day, Dec. 23, from Racing[.]com and Redbourne Group's rediCASE case management software, BleepingComputer reported. READ MORE...

Cyberattackers Hit Data of 80K Fertility Patients

The protected health information of nearly 80,000 patients of Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) may have been pawed over by cyber intruders following a cyberattack. FCI runs four clinics across Illinois. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights' data breach site, the breach - reported on Dec. 27 - affected 79,943 people. READ MORE...


FBI: Hackers use BadUSB to target defense firms with ransomware

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned US companies in a recently updated flash alert that the financially motivated FIN7 cybercriminal group targeted the US defense industry with packages containing malicious USB devices to deploy ransomware. The attackers mailed packages containing 'BadUSB' or 'Bad Beetle USB' devices with the LilyGO logo, commonly available for sale on the Internet. READ MORE...

Software Updates

WordPress 5.8.3 Patches Several Injection Vulnerabilities

WordPress 5.8.3, a security release that became available last week, patches four injection-related vulnerabilities. Two of the flaws are SQL injections - one affects WP_Meta_Query (discovered by Ben Bidner of the WordPress security team) and one affects WP_Query (discovered by ngocnb and khuyenn of GiaoHangTietKiem JSC). Simon Scannell of SonarSource reported an object injection issue affecting some multisite installations, as well as a stored cross-site scripting (XSS) bug. READ MORE...

SonicWall Patches Y2K22 Bug in Email Security, Firewall Products

Cybersecurity firm SonicWall says it has released patches for some of its email security and firewall products to address a bug that resulted in failed junk box and message log updates. Referred to as Y2K22, the bug exists because some software stores dates in a 32-bit integer format, where the largest possible number is 2147483647. Because the dates are stored in the YYMMDDhhmm format, when the new year started the date was converted to 2201010001, which was larger than the maximum allowed. READ MORE...


Trojanized dnSpy app drops malware cocktail on researchers, devs

Hackers targeted cybersecurity researchers and developers this week in a sophisticated malware campaign distributing a malicious version of the dnSpy .NET application to install cryptocurrency stealers, remote access trojans, and miners. dnSpy is a popular debugger and .NET assembly editor used to debug, modify, and decompile .NET programs. Cybersecurity researchers commonly use this program when analyzing .NET malware and software. READ MORE...

Information Security

The Spine Collector: Man arrested for using fake email addresses to steal hundreds of unpublished manuscripts

For years, "The Spine Collector" has been haunting publishers around the world, attempting to steal manuscripts by famous authors. As Vulture describes, for years somebody has been attempting to get their hands on upcoming books by the likes of Margaret Atwood, Stieg Larsson, Sally Rooney, and Ethan Hawke by creating fake domain names that appeared - to the unwary - to be those of companies in the publishing industry. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1776, writer Thomas Paine publishes his pamphlet "Common Sense," setting forth his arguments in favor of American independence.
  • ...in 1927, director Fritz Lang's classic science fiction film "Metropolis" is released in Germany.
  • ...in 1943, folk singer Jim Croce ("Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", "Time in a Bottle") is born in South Philadelphia, PA.
  • ...in 1946, the US Army Signal Corps successfully conducts Project Diana, bouncing radio waves off of the Moon and receiving the reflected signals.
  • ...in 1949. professional boxer, two-time heavyweight champion, and electric grill spokesman George Foreman is born in Marshall, TX.