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IT Security Newsletter - 01/25/2021

Hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency investors put at risk after BuyUCoin security breach

Another day, and another report that a cryptocurrency exchange has been breached by malicious hackers. Indian cryptocurrency exchange BuyUCoin says that...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/22/2021

Hackers release over 4,000 files stolen from Scottish environment agency in ransomware attack

There's more bad news for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) which was hit by a ransomware attack on Christmas Eve - a serious security...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/21/2021

Hacker leaks full database of 77 million Nitro PDF user records

A stolen database containing the email addresses, names, and passwords of more than 77 million records of Nitro PDF service users was leaked today for free. The 14GB leaked database...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/20/2021

Health insurer Excellus penalized $5.1M by HHS for data breach

The Department of Health and Human Services says New York health insurer Excellus has agreed to pay a multimillion-dollar penalty after a data breach exposed sensitive information...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/19/2021

OpenWRT Forum user data stolen in weekend data breach

The OpenWRT forum, a large community of enthusiasts of alternative, open-source operating systems for routers, announced a data breach. Forum administrators posted the announcement in a...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/18/2021

Joker's Stash, a forum for stolen data, says it will shut down within 30 days

An administrator of a notorious forum for stolen payment data and illicitly obtained personal information says they will shutter the site in 30 days. The Joker's Stash...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/15/2021

Understanding third-party hacks in the aftermath of the SolarWinds breach

In the aftermath of the SolarWinds hack, a better understanding of third-party hacks in any update that you provide to your colleagues, bosses, and even the board of...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/14/2021

SolarWinds Attackers May Have Hit Mimecast, Driving New Concerns

The discovery of a data breach at email service provider Mimecast could indicate attackers behind the massive SolarWinds incident may have pursued multiple paths to infiltrate...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/13/2021

Hackers who breached European medical regulator leak vaccine-related data

Hackers who stole data related to a coronavirus vaccine have leaked it online, a European regulator investigating the breach said Tuesday. An ongoing investigation into...

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IT Security Newsletter - 01/12/2021

US Capitol Attack a Wake-up Call for the Integration of Physical & IT Security

One of the harrowing images to come out of Wednesday's attack on the US Capitol was a photo posted by a rioter of an open laptop on a desk in US House Speaker Nancy...

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