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IT Security Newsletter - 04/09/2021

600K Payment Card Records Leaked After Swarmshop Breach

A leaked database also contains the nicknames, hashed passwords, contact details, and activity history of Swarmshop admins, sellers, and buyers. A breach of Swarmshop, an online hub for...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/08/2021

PHP Developers Share Update on Recent Breach

The developers of the PHP scripting language have shared an update on the recently disclosed breach in which attackers planted malicious code. The malicious code, discovered in late March, was found...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/07/2021

European Commission, other EU orgs recently hit by cyber-attack

The European Commission and several other European Union organizations were hit by a cyberattack in March, according to a European Commission spokesperson. As revealed by the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/06/2021

Suspected Chinese spies cover tracks in efforts to breach Vietnamese government

A previously undocumented group of Chinese-speaking spies conducted a months-long campaign to infect the computers of government agencies in Vietnam and other Asian...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/05/2021

Ransomware gang leaks data from Stanford, Maryland universities

Personal and financial information stolen from Stanford Medicine, University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB), and the University of California was leaked online by the Clop ransomware...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/02/2021

Ransomware gang wanted $40 million in Florida schools cyberattack

Fueled by large payments from victims, ransomware gangs have started to demand ridiculous ransoms from organizations that can not afford to pay them. An example of this is a...

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IT Security Newsletter - 04/01/2021

Ubiquiti cyberattack may be far worse than originally disclosed

The data breach report from Ubiquiti in January is allegedly a cover-up of a massive incident that put at risk customer data and devices deployed on corporate and home networks. In...

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IT Security Newsletter - 03/31/2021

US govt warns that buying fake COVID-19 vaccine cards is a crime

US federal agencies have warned today against making or selling fake COVID-19 vaccination record cards as this is breaking the law. The FBI, the Department of Health and Human...

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IT Security Newsletter - 03/30/2021

Cyber attack forces live TV shows off-air on Australia's Channel 9

Live broadcasts from Australia's Channel 9 TV network were disrupted this weekend following what is believed to have been a cyber attack. As Channel Nine's "Weekend Today"...

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IT Security Newsletter - 03/29/2021

Hackers target German lawmakers in an election year

Hackers have attempted to breach the private email accounts of certain German parliamentarians, a spokesperson for the legislative body confirmed Friday, in the latest example of cyber...

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