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IT Security Newsletter - 08/06/2020

Canon hit by Maze Ransomware attack, 10TB data allegedly stolen

Canon has suffered a ransomware attack that impacts numerous services, including Canon's email, Microsoft Teams, USA website, and other internal applications. BleepingComputer has...

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/5/2020

Beware of find-my-phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, NSA tells mobile users

The National Security Agency is recommending that some government workers and people generally concerned about privacy turn off find-my-phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth whenever...

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/4/2020

DOD, FBI, DHS release info on malware used in Chinese government-led hacking campaigns

The U.S. government publicly put forth information Monday that exposed malware used in Chinese government hacking efforts for more than a decade. The Chinese...

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/3/2020

Florida teen charged as "mastermind" in Twitter hack hitting Biden, Bezos, and others

Authorities on Friday charged three people with orchestrating this month's epic hack of Twitter and using it to generate more than $100,000 in a bitcoin scam...

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/31/2020

EU sanctions Russian intelligence, Chinese nationals and a North Korean front company for alleged hacks

The European Union has sanctioned six people and three organizations in Russia, China and North Korea in connection with three major...

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/30/2020

Vermont Tax Department exposed 3 years worth of tax return info

The Vermont Department of Taxes today disclosed that taxpayers' private information was exposed because of a security issue affecting its online filing site discovered on July 2,...

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/29/2020

North Korea's Lazarus brings state-sponsored hacking approach to ransomware

Lazarus-the North Korean state hacking group behind the WannaCry worm, the theft of $81 million from a Bangladesh bank, and the attacks on Sony Pictures-is looking to...

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/28/2020

Garmin's four-day service meltdown was caused by ransomware

GPS device and services provider Garmin on Monday confirmed that the worldwide outage that took down the vast majority of its offerings for five days was caused by a ransomware attack....

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/27/2020

Hackers actively exploit high-severity networking vulnerabilities

Hackers are actively exploiting two unrelated high-severity vulnerabilities that allow unauthenticated access or even a complete takeover of networks run by Fortune 500 companies...

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IT Security Newsletter - 7/24/2020

Krebs on Security: NY Charges First American Financial for Massive Data Leak

In May 2019, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that the website of mortgage title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. had exposed approximately 885 million...

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