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IT Security Newsletter - 9/9/19

GootKit Malware Bypasses Windows Defender by Setting Path Exclusions

As Windows Defender matures and becomes tightly integrated into Windows 10, malware writers are creating techniques to evade its detection. Such is the case with the GootKit...

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IT Security Newsletter - 9/6/19

$5.3M Ransomware Demand: Massachusetts City Says No Thanks

After a ransomware attack slapped a hefty payout demand of $5.3 million on New Bedford, Mass., the city announced that it is instead opting to pick up the pieces and restore what it can...

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IT Security Newsletter - 9/5/2019

Leaky Server Exposes 419M Phone Numbers of Facebook Users

Phone numbers linked to the Facebook accounts of hundreds of millions of users has been found online on an insecure server in the latest privacy gaffe for the social media giant. The...

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IT Security Newsletter - 9/4/2019

Data of 90K Mastercard Priceless Specials Members Shared Online

A database containing sensitive information of about 90,000 German Mastercard "Priceless Specials" loyalty program members shared online following a breach discovered on August 20...

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IT Security Newsletter - 9/3/2019

Rash of ransomware continues with 13 new victims—most of them schools

As investigations into a massive, coordinated ransomware attack against local governments in Texas continues, 13 new victims of ransomware attacks have been publicly...

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/30/2019

Indictment of Capital One suspect alleges breaches of 30 companies, cryptojacking

A federal grand jury indicted Paige Thompson, the accused Capital One hacker, in connection with allegations that she accessed data on more than 30 companies and...

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/29/2019

Google Play apps with 1.5 million downloads drained batteries and slowed devices

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/28/2019

Magecart Hits 80 Major eCommerce Sites in Card-Skimming Bonanza

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IT Security Newsletter- 8/27/2019

IRS Impersonation Attacks Spread Malware Nationwide

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IT Security Newsletter - 8/26/2019

Hostinger Data Breach Affects Almost 14 Million Customers

Hosting provider Hostinger today announced that it reset the login passwords of 14 million of its customers following a recent security breach that enabled unauthorized access to a client...

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