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IT Security Newsletter - 5/20/2022

Nikkei Says Customer Data Likely Impacted in Ransomware Attack

Asian media giant Nikkei has disclosed a ransomware attack that might have impacted customer data. Based in Tokyo, Nikkei, Inc. is a media company specialized in business, financial,...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/19/2022

2 vulnerabilities with 9.8 severity ratings are under exploit. A 3rd looms

Malicious hackers, some believed to be state-backed, are actively exploiting two unrelated vulnerabilities-both with severity ratings of 9.8 out of a possible 10-in hopes of...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/18/2022

U.S. warns of North Korean hackers posing as IT freelancers

Companies and other organizations should be careful when employing IT freelancers, lest they end up hiring North Korean hackers. The advice comes from the U.S. Department of State, the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/17/2022

Russian cyber attack on Eurovision foiled by Italian authorities

On Saturday, Italy hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin to an estimated worldwide audience of nearly 200 million people as it was broadcast on TV and live-streamed online. But...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/16/2022

Ransomware group strikes second U.S. health care system in the last two months

AvosLocker, a prolific ransomware group that was the subject of a recent joint FBI and U.S. Treasury Department warning, claimed this week that it had hit a Dallas-based...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/13/2022

Iranian hackers exposed in a highly targeted espionage campaign

Threat analysts have spotted a novel attack attributed to the Iranian hacking group known as APT34 group or Oilrig, who targeted a Jordanian diplomat with custom-crafted tools. The...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/12/2022

DEA Investigating Breach of Law Enforcement Data Portal

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says it is investigating reports that hackers gained unauthorized access to an agency portal that taps into 16 different federal law enforcement...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/11/2022

What to Patch Now: Actively Exploited Windows Zero-Day Threatens Domain Controllers

Microsoft squashed 74 security vulnerabilities with its May 2022 Patch Tuesday update, including an important-rated zero-day bug that's being actively exploited in...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/10/2022

Hackers are actively exploiting BIG-IP vulnerability with a 9.8 severity rating

Researchers are marveling at the scope and magnitude of a vulnerability that hackers are actively exploiting to take full control of network devices that run on some of...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/9/2022

Ikea Canada Breach Exposes 95K Customer Records

Ikea Canada has confirmed that an employee compromised a database of 95,000 Canadian customers. The employee performed unsanctioned searches of the database between March 1 and 3, Kristin Newbigging,...

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