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IT Security Newsletter - 1/17/2020

FBI Seize WeLeakInfo.com For Selling Info From Data Breaches

As a clear indication of how law enforcement views the commercial disclosure of stolen information, the FBI has seized the WeLeakInfo.com domain and international law enforcement...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/16/2020

U.N. Weathers Storm of Emotet-TrickBot Malware

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/15/2020

Patch Windows 10 and Server now because certificate validation is broken

Microsoft's scheduled security update for Windows includes a fix to a potentially dangerous bug that would allow an attacker to spoof a certificate, making it look like it...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/14/2020

Windows 7 Reaches End of Life Today, What You Need to Know

It's the end of an era: Windows 7 will reach end of support today, on January 14, a decade after its initial release, with Microsoft to no longer provide users with software updates and...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/13/2020

Iranian Hackers Have Been ‘Password-Spraying’ the US Grid

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/10/2020

4 Ring Employees Fired For Spying on Customers

Smart doorbell company Ring said that it has fired four employees over the past four years for inappropriately accessing customer video footage. The disclosure comes in a recent letter to senators...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/9/2020

Attackers Are Scanning for Vulnerable Citrix Servers, Secure Now

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/8/2020

City of Las Vegas wakes up to a cyber attack

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, city officials in Las Vegas were alerted that their computer network had suffered a security breach. Details are currently scarce, with a post from the city’s...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/7/2020

IT Executive Steals $6 Million, Busted by Word Doc Metadata

A former corporate executive of a global internet company swindled roughly $6 million between August 2015 and May 2019 using a shell company named Interactive Systems. 48-year old...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/6/2020

Travelex still offline after discovering malware on New Year’s Eve

 On New Year’s Eve foreign currency exchange service Travelex took its systems offline after it discovered a “software virus” (as opposed, presumably, to a common cold) had...

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