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IT Security Newsletter - 3/27/2020

How Zoom, Netflix, and Dropbox are Staying Online During the Pandemic

To fight the COVID-19 pandemic, huge swaths of humanity have transformed their daily routines. But cloud platforms of some of the most popular internet services the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/26/2020

Tupperware Hit By Card Skimmer Attack

Tupperware famously locks in food's freshness, but hackers could not be locked out of the company's e-commerce site. The primary Tupperware site, along with several localized versions, were compromised by...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/25/2020

Chinese hackers hit Citrix, Cisco vulnerabilities in sweeping campaign

Earlier this year, state-backed Chinese hackers embarked on one of the most sweeping Chinese espionage campaigns FireEye has seen in years, according to new research the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/24/2020

Tech Giant GE Discloses Data Breach After Service Provider Hack

Fortune 500 technology giant General Electric (GE) disclosed that personally identifiable information of current and former employees, as well as beneficiaries, was exposed in a...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/23/2020

Security firm leaves more than five billion records exposed on unsecured database

A massive database, containing more than five billion records derived from past security breaches between 2012 and 2019, has been left unprotected, without any...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/20/2020

Misconfigured Elasticsearch Instance Exposes More Than 5 Billion Records

An open Elasticsearch instance has exposed more than 5 billion records in an incident discovered on March 16. The irony is that the data in two Elasticsearch collections...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/19/2020

Surveillance campaign against Libyans uses fake Johns Hopkins COVID-19-tracking map

It's not just opportunistic, financially-motivated criminals who are seizing on the novel coronavirus pandemic to conduct cyberattacks. Operators of spyware are...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/18/2020

Nation-Backed Hackers Spread Crimson RAT via Coronavirus Phishing

A state-sponsored threat actor is attempting to deploy the Crimson Remote Administration Tool (RAT) onto the systems of targets via a spear-phishing campaign using...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/17/2020

U.S. Health Department Site Hit With DDoS Cyber Attack

The United States Health and Human Services Department's web site was hit with a DDoS cyber attack Sunday night to take it offline in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak. Since the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 3/16/2020

Radio.com users affected in data breach

Entercom, the second-largest radio company in the United States, has announced that it suffered a cybersecurity incident related to its Radio[dot]com domain. The company has found that in August 2019 an...

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