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IT Security Newsletter - 1/3/2023



Ransomware Attack Forces Canadian Mining Company to Shut Down Mill

Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CMMC) last week shut down its mill after falling victim to a ransomware attack. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the firm owns most of the Copper Mountain mine. Located in southern British Columbia, the mine produces an average of 100 million pounds of copper equivalent per year. In a cyber incident notice on its website, CMMC announced the shutdown of some of its systems after falling victim to a ransomware attack on December 27, 2022. READ MORE...


Extracting Encrypted Credentials From Common Tools

The majority of cyberattacks rely on stolen credentials - obtained by either tricking employees and end users into sharing them or by harvesting domain credentials cached on workstations and other systems on the network. These stolen credentials give attackers the ability to move laterally within the environment as they pivot from machine to machine - both on-premises and cloud - until they reach business-critical assets. READ MORE...

Software Updates

Netgear warns users to patch recently fixed WiFi router bug

Netgear has fixed a high-severity vulnerability affecting multiple WiFi router models and advised customers to update their devices to the latest available firmware as soon as possible. The flaw impacts multiple Wireless AC Nighthawk, Wireless AX Nighthawk (WiFi 6), and Wireless AC router models. Although Netgear did not disclose any information about the component affected by this bug or its impact, it did say that it is a pre-authentication buffer overflow vulnerability. READ MORE...


New Linux malware uses 30 plugin exploits to backdoor WordPress sites

A previously unknown Linux malware has been exploiting 30 vulnerabilities in multiple outdated WordPress plugins and themes to inject malicious JavaScript. According to a report by antivirus vendor Dr. Web, the malware targets both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems, giving its operator remote command capabilities. The main functionality of the trojan is to hack WordPress sites using a set of hardcoded exploits that are run successively, until one of them works. READ MORE...


Google Home speakers allowed hackers to snoop on conversations

A bug in Google Home smart speaker allowed installing a backdoor account that could be used to control it remotely and to turn it into a snooping device by accessing the microphone feed. Researcher Matt Kunze discovered the issue and received $107,500 for responsibly reporting it to Google last year. Earlier this week, the researcher published technical details about the finding and an attack scenario to show how the flaw could be leveraged. READ MORE...

CISA Says Two Old JasperReports Vulnerabilities Exploited in Attacks

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added two JasperReports flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. Tibco's JasperReports Library is advertised as the world's most popular open source reporting engine. The JasperReports Server software is designed to enable non-technical users to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1521, Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther following the circulation of Luther's Ninety-five Theses.
  • ...in 1870, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins.
  • ...in 1888, Marvin C. Stone patents the drinking straw.
  • ...in 1892, English fantasy author and philologist J.R.R. Tolkien ("The Lord of the Rings") is born in Bloemfontein, South Africa.