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IT Security Newsletter - 10/11/2021


Pacific City Bank discloses ransomware attack claimed by AvosLocker

Pacific City Bank (PCB), one of the largest Korean-American community banking service providers in America, has disclosed a ransomware incident that took place last month. The bank is circulating notices to inform its clients of a security breach it identified on August 30, 2021, which they claim to have addressed promptly. PCB's internal investigation on what happened was concluded on September 7, 2021, and it revealed that ransomware actors had unfortunately obtained the following information from its systems. READ MORE...

Cox Media Group confirms ransomware attack that took down broadcasts

American media conglomerate Cox Media Group (CMG) confirmed that it was hit by a ransomware attack that took down live TV and radio broadcast streams in June 2021. The company acknowledged the attack in data breach notification letters sent today via U.S. Mail to over 800 impacted individuals believed to have had their personal information exposed in the attack. The group first informed potentially affected individuals of the incident via email on July 30. READ MORE...


Bank of America insider charged with money laundering for BEC scams

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has charged three men with money laundering and aggravated identity theft after allegedly conducting a business email compromise (BEC) scheme. BEC scams use various tactics (including social engineering, malware, hacking, and phishing) to compromise or impersonate business email accounts with the end goal of redirecting pending or future payments to bank accounts under a threat actor's control. READ MORE...


Amnesty International links cybersecurity firm to spyware operation

A report by Amnesty International links an Indian cybersecurity company to an Android spyware program used to target prominent activists. The investigation comes from Amnesty International's team, who confirmed a case of espionage against a Togolese activist and also observed signs of spyware deployment across several key Asian regions. According to Amnesty International, the Android spyware has been linked to Indian cybersecurity company Innefu Labs. READ MORE...

Information Security

US nuke sub plans leaked on SD card hidden in peanut butter sandwich, claims FBI

The United States Department of Justice has announced a leak of information pertaining to the design of the nuclear-powered Virginia-class submarine, and the arrest of the alleged leakers. A court filing and announcement allege that a chap named Jonathan Toebbe, an employee of the Department of the Navy who served as a nuclear engineer, contacted entities that he believed represented a foreign power and offered to sell "Restricted Data concerning the design of a nuclear-powered warship". READ MORE...


Intuit warns QuickBooks customers of ongoing phishing attacks

Intuit has warned QuickBooks customers that they are targeted by an ongoing phishing campaign impersonating the company and trying to lure potential victims with fake renewal charges. The company said it received reports from customers that they were emailed and told that their QuickBooks plans had expired. "This email did not come from Intuit. The sender is not associated with Intuit, is not an authorized agent of Intuit, nor is their use of Intuit's brands authorized by Intuit," Intuit explained. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1964, comedian and "Mystery Science Theater 3000" host Michael J. Nelson is born in St. Charles, IL.
  • ...in 1968, the first manned Apollo mission, Apollo 7, is launched from Cape Kennedy.
  • ...in 1975, the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live airs on NBC, hosted by George Carlin with musical guests Billy Preston and Janis Ian.
  • ...in 1987, the first public display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt is held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.