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IT Security Newsletter - 12/5/2022



French Hospital Cancels Operations After Cyberattack

A hospital complex in Versailles, near Paris, had to cancel operations and transfer some patients after being hit by a cyberattack over the weekend, France's health ministry said. The Hospital Centre of Versailles -- which consists of Andre-Mignot Hospital, Richaud Hospital and the Despagne Retirement Home -- was affected by the hacking attempt, said the complex's management. READ MORE...

Medibank prognosis gets worse after more stolen data leaked

Australian health insurer Medibank's prognosis following an October data breach keeps getting worse as criminals dumped another batch of stolen customer data on the dark web. The miscreants, believed to be linked to Russia's REvil ransomware gang, posted what they claimed to be the rest of the exfiltrated data on Thursday, adding: "Case closed." Medibank said it's still analyzing the leaked data, which includes six "sipped files in a folder called 'full' containing the raw data that we believed the criminal stole." READ MORE...


Cyber Safety Review Board to probe Lapsus$ ransomware spree

The Cyber Safety Review Board is set to examine the Lapsus$ ransomware gang, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced Friday. A prolific group, Lapsus$ has targeted a wide range of global companies and government agencies, sometimes with ruthless digital extortion, since late 2021. The 15-member board, chaired by DHS Under Secretary for Policy Robert Silvers, reviewed the ransomware group's activities over the past year. READ MORE...


Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data

It is common to hear news reports about large data breaches, but what happens once your personal data is stolen? Our research shows that, like most legal commodities, stolen data products flow through a supply chain consisting of producers, wholesalers, and consumers. But this supply chain involves the interconnection of multiple criminal organizations operating in illicit underground marketplaces. READ MORE...

Infostealer Malware Market Booms, as MFA Fatigue Sets In

Malicious actors are finding success deploying information stealer (infostealer) malware, combining stolen credentials and social engineering to carry out high-profile breaches and leveraging multifactor authentication (MFA) fatigue attacks. These were among the findings of a report from Accenture's Cyber Threat Intelligence team (ACTI) surveying the infostealer malware landscape in 2022, which also noted a spike in the number of Dark Web advertisements for variety of new infostealer malware variants. READ MORE...


Hackers use new, fake crypto app to breach networks, steal cryptocurrency

The North Korean 'Lazarus' hacking group is linked to a new attack spreading fake cryptocurrency apps under the made-up brand, "BloxHolder," to install the AppleJeus malware for initial access to networks and steal crypto assets. According to a joint FBI and CISA report from February 2021, AppleJeus has been in circulation since at least 2018, used by Lazarus in cryptocurrency hijacking and digital asset theft operations. READ MORE...

Malware Authors Inadvertently Take Down Own Botnet

It's not often that malware authors go through the effort of creating a malicious tool for assembling a botnet, only to then find a way to effectively sabotage it themselves. But that appears to be precisely the case with "KmsdBot," a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and cryptomining botnet that researchers from Akamai found infecting systems across multiple industries last month. Now, it has since gone largely silent because of a single improperly formatted command on the part of its author. READ MORE...


Schneier on Security: CAPTCHA

From Bruce Schneier's personal blog, click through to see the image: "This is an actual CAPTCHA I was shown when trying to log into PayPal. As an actual human and not a bot, I had no idea how to answer. Is this a joke? (Seems not.) Is it a Magritte-like existential question? Am I overthinking this?" READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1890, Austrian-American director Fritz Lang, best known for making the classics "Metropolis" and "M", is born in Vienna.
  • ...in 1933, the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified, overturning the 18th Amendment and ending the nationwide prohibition on alcohol.
  • ...in 1969, the original four-node ARPANET network is established. It later becomes the first to use TCP/IP protocols, the basis of our modern Internet.
  • ...in 2014, NASA launches the first flight test of the Orion MPCV (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle), which is currently being used in the unmanned Artemis I mission.