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IT Security Newsletter - 2/11/2020

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Equifax breach was the work of Chinese state hackers, DOJ says

The saga of Equifax's massive 2017 data breach continues, as the Justice Department this morning announced formal charges against four members of the Chinese military allegedly behind the hack. Attorney General William Barr today made public an indictment (PDF) filed in federal court in Atlanta (where Equifax is based). Four members of the People's Liberation Army are charged with hacking into the company to steal both individuals' data and company trade secrets. READ MORE...


Docker Registries Expose Hundreds of Orgs to Malware, Data Theft

A slew of misconfigured Docker container registries has inadvertently exposed source code for 15,887 unique versions of applications owned by research institutes, retailers, news media organizations and technology companies. According to Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 division, the registries lacked proper network access control. READ MORE...


Active PayPal Phishing Scam Targets SSNs, Passport Photos

A recently uncovered phishing campaign, targeting PayPal users, pulls out all the stops and asks victims for the complete spectrum of personal data - even going so far as to ask for social security numbers and uploaded photos of their passports. The campaign starts with a fairly run-of-the-mill phishing email, purporting to be from the online payment company's notifications center, which warns victims that their account has been limited because it was logged into from a new browser or device. READ MORE...


Ransomware Hits North Miami Beach Police Department

The City of North Miami Beach last week announced that ransomware was found on computers within its police department's network. The attack was discovered on Tuesday and the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Miami-Dade Police Department were immediately alerted. In a statement released on Friday, the City of North Miami Beach noted that there had been no interruption in public safety services and that the police department continues to conduct all operations. READ MORE...


Dell SupportAssist Bug Exposes Business, Home PCs to Attacks

Dell published a security update to patch a SupportAssist Client software flaw which enables potential local attackers to execute arbitrary code with Administrator privileges on vulnerable computers. According to Dell's website, the SupportAssist software is "preinstalled on most of all new Dell devices running Windows operating system." SupportAssist also "proactively checks the health of your system's hardware and software. READ MORE...

12,000+ Jenkins servers can be exploited to launch, amplify DDoS attacks

A vulnerability (CVE-2020-2100) in 12,000+ internet-facing Jenkins servers can be abused to mount and amplify reflective DDoS attacks against internet hosts, Radware researchers have discovered. The vulnerability can also be triggered by a single, spoofed UDP packet to launch DoS attacks against those same vulnerable Jenkins servers, by forcing them into an infinite loop of replies that can't be stopped unless one of the servers is rebooted or has its Jenkins service restarted. READ MORE...