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IT Security Newsletter - 2/13/2020

Software Updates

Mozilla Firefox 73 Browser Update Fixes High-Severity RCE Bugs

Mozilla has launched the latest version of its Firefox browser, which knocks out high-severity security flaws that leave systems open to attack by a remote adversary. The patched version of Mozilla's browser, launched on Tuesday, is Firefox 73 and Firefox ESR 68.5. The Firefox ESR browser is its Extended Support Release version of Firefox, designed for mass deployments. Both releases tackle six vulnerabilities. READ MORE...


SoundCloud Tackles DoS, Account Takeover Issues

Online music platform SoundCloud, which can be thought of as an audio-based YouTube for music creators, has addressed several security bugs in its APIs that could lead to denial-of-service (DoS) or account takeover via credential-stuffing. SoundCloud recently sold a $75 million stake to satellite radio giant SiriusXM and the two also inked a lucrative ad deal. SoundCloud claims to host 200 million different music tracks on its online platform. READ MORE...

Rental cars can be remotely started, tracked, and more after customers return them

In October, Ars chronicled the story of a man who was able to remotely start, stop, lock, unlock, and track a Ford explorer he rented and returned five months earlier. Now, something almost identical has happened again to the same Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer. Four days after returning a Ford Mustang, the FordPass app installed on the phone of Masamba Sinclair continues to give him control of the car. READ MORE...


Chaos & Order: The Keys to Quantum-Proof Encryption

The specter of quantum-powered cyberattacks that can break even the most powerful encryption algorithms looms ever-larger and ever-darker. Chances are, nation-state attackers will be equipped with quantum computing long before the average enterprise has rolled it out. Future-thinking organizations wonder what to do now to defend themselves from that inevitability. READ MORE...

Science & Culture

Researchers entangle quantum memory at facilities over 50km apart

While quantum computers can do interesting things without dedicated memory, memory would provide a lot of flexibility in terms of the sorts of algorithms they could run and how quantum systems can interact with each other and the outside world. Building quantum memory is extremely challenging, as reading to and writing from it both have to be extremely efficient and accurate, and the memory has to do something that's very atypical of quantum systems. READ MORE...