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IT Security Newsletter - 3/13/2023


Top News

North Korean hackers target security researchers with a new backdoor

Threat actors connected to the North Korean government have been targeting security researchers in a hacking campaign that uses new techniques and malware in hopes of gaining a foothold inside the companies the targets work for, researchers said. Researchers from security firm Mandiant said on Thursday that they first spotted the campaign last June while tracking a phishing campaign targeting a US-based customer in the technology industry. READ MORE...

Zoll Medical Data Breach Impacts 1 Million Individuals

Medical technology developer Zoll Medical is notifying roughly one million individuals that their personal information might have been compromised in a recent data breach. Zoll develops and markets medical equipment and software for advanced emergency care, including cardiac monitoring, oxygen therapy, ventilation, data management, and more. The data breach, the company says, was identified at the end of January, when it discovered unusual activity on its internal network. READ MORE...


Blackbaud Fined $3M For 'Misleading Disclosures' About 2020 Ransomware Attack

Cloud computing vendor Blackbaud has been slapped with a $3 million civil penalty by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for making misleading disclosures about a 2020 ransomware attack that impacted more than 13,000 customers. According to a statement from the SEC, the South Carolina-based Blackbaud was not forthcoming about the extent of the data-extortion malware attack and left out material information about the scope of the incident. READ MORE...


Hacking healthcare: Cybersecurity experts sound alarm on breach surge

Healthcare companies more than ever are using electronic records and tapping digital services. That's also creating more opportunities for cybercriminals - who already have exposed the private medical information of millions of patients - and bolsters the case for the industry to make security priority No. 1, experts say. Healthcare breaches have exposed 385 million patient records from 2010 to 2022, federal records show, though individual patient records could be counted multiple times. READ MORE...


Malware targeting SonicWall devices could survive firmware updates

Researchers at Mandiant have identified a malware campaign targeting SonicWall SMA 100 Series appliances, thought to be of Chinese origin. The malware was likely deployed in 2021, and was able to persist on the appliances tenaciously, even surviving firmware upgrades. The malware was able to steal user credentials and provide shell access. The SMA 100 Series is an access control system that lets remote users log in to company resources. READ MORE...

Information Security

And the Cyberattack Goes to ... Fans of Oscar-Nominated Films

Beware the Oscar nominees! In the age of films being available to pirate for free on the Internet, the data shows this: The more popular and critically acclaimed a pirated film is, the more likely it is to have a higher number of infected files. This year, a research team at ReasonLabs collected data on film piracy from January 2022 to last month, focusing on some of the most well-known films from this past year, all of which are contenders for awards at the upcoming 95th Academy Awards READ MORE...


CASPER attack steals data using air-gapped computer's internal speaker

Researchers at the School of Cyber Security at Korea University, Seoul, have presented a new covert channel attack named CASPER can leak data from air-gapped computers to a nearby smartphone at a rate of 20bits/sec. The CASPER attack leverages the internal speakers inside the target computer as the data transmission channel to transmit high-frequency audio that the human ear cannot hear and convey binary or Morse code to a microphone up to 1.5m away. READ MORE...

CISA warns of actively exploited Plex bug after LastPass breach

CISA has added an almost three-year-old high-severity remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in the Plex Media Server to its catalog of security flaws exploited in attacks. Tracked as CVE-2020-5741, this security flaw allows threat actors with admin privileges to execute arbitrary Python code remotely in low-complexity attacks that don't require user interaction. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1868, the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson begins, the first ever pursued against an incumbent American president.
  • ...in 1921, Mad Magazine artist Al Jaffee, who drew the long-running "Fold-In" feature for 56 years before retiring in 2020, is born in Savannah, GA. He turns 102 today!
  • ...in 1942, the U.S. Army establishes the War Dog Program, AKA the "K-9 Corps." Later that same year, similar programs were started for the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.
  • ...in 2013, Jesuit archbishop Jorge Bergoglio is elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, choosing the papal name of Francis.