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IT Security Newsletter - 4/29/2024


Top News

Cyberattack hits Georgia county at center of voting software breach

The computer infrastructure of a Georgia county at the center of an effort to falsely claim that the state's 2020 presidential election was marked by fraud was struck by a cyberattack earlier this month that prompted state officials to sever Coffee County's access to statewide election systems. In a statement Friday, the Coffee County Board of Commissioners said that the county was notified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on April 15. READ MORE...

Kaiser Permanente handed over 13.4M people's data to Microsoft, Google, others

Millions of Kaiser Permanente patients' data was likely handed over to Google, Microsoft Bing, X/Twitter, and other third-parties, according to the American healthcare giant. Kaiser told The Register it has started notifying 13.4 million current and former members and patients that "certain online technologies, previously installed on its websites and mobile applications, may have transmitted personal information to third-party vendors." READ MORE...


Collection Agency FBCS Says Data Breach Exposed Nearly 2 million People

Debt collection agency Financial Business and Consumer Solutions (FBCS) is notifying roughly 2 million individuals that their personal information was compromised in a recent data breach. The incident, the company says, was discovered on February 26, 2024, and involved "unauthorized access to certain systems in its network". FBCS' investigation revealed that a third-party had access to those systems between February 14 and February 26. READ MORE...


Hackers Claim to Have Infiltrated Belarus' Main Security Service

A Belarusian hacker activist group claims to have infiltrated the network of the country's main KGB security agency and accessed personnel files of over 8,600 employees of the organization, which still goes under its Soviet name. The authorities have not commented on the claim, but the website of the Belarusian KGB was opening with an empty page on Friday that said it was "in the process of development". READ MORE...


New Research Suggests Africa Is Being Used As a 'Testing Ground' for Nation State Cyber Warfare

Performanta, the multinational cybersecurity firm specialising in helping companies move beyond security to achieve cyber safety, has uncovered a trend in how developing countries are being targeted by nation state actors. The firm's analysis explored the origins and characteristics of Medusa, a ransomware-as-a-service targeting organisations globally. The patterns suggest that developing countries are hit first with a trend that shows a rising impact on developed countries. READ MORE...


Thousands of Qlik Sense Servers Open to Cactus Ransomware

Nearly five months after security researchers warned of the Cactus ransomware group leveraging a set of three vulnerabilities in Qlik Sense data analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform, many organizations remain dangerously vulnerable to the threat. Qlik disclosed the vulnerabilities in August and September. The company's August disclosure involved two bugs in multiple versions of Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows. READ MORE...

Information Security

Okta warns customers about credential stuffing onslaught

Credential stuffing attacks have exploded this April, Okta warns, and advises its customers to use available tools to block access requests originating from residential proxies before authentication takes place. "In credential stuffing attacks, adversaries attempt to sign-in to online services using large lists of usernames and passwords obtained from previous data breaches of unrelated entities, or from phishing or malware campaigns," Okta's Moussa Diallo and Brett Winterford explained. READ MORE...


Hackers try to exploit WordPress plugin vulnerability that's as severe as it gets

Hackers are assailing websites using a prominent WordPress plugin with millions of attempts to exploit a high-severity vulnerability that allows complete takeover, researchers said. The vulnerability resides in WordPress Automatic, a plugin with more than 38,000 paying customers. Websites running the WordPress content management system use it to incorporate content from other sites. READ MORE...

Researchers unveil novel attack methods targeting Intel's conditional branch predictor

Researchers have found two novel types of attacks that target the conditional branch predictor found in high-end Intel processors, which could be exploited to compromise billions of processors currently in use. The multi-university and industry research team led by computer scientists at University of California San Diego will present their work at the 2024 ACM ASPLOS Conference. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1429, a military convoy led by Joan of Arc arrives in Orléans, France to relieve the six-month-long siege.
  • ...in 1951, professional racing driver Dale Earnhardt is born in Kannapolis, NC.
  • ...in 1970, actress Uma Thurman ("Kill Bill", "Dangerous Liasons") is born in Boston, MA.
  • ...in 1980, English film director Alfred Hitchcock ("Psycho", "North by Northwest") dies in his home in Los Angeles, CA.