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IT Security Newsletter - 4/5/2024



Acuity Responds to US Government Data Theft Claims, Says Hackers Obtained Old Info

Acuity, the tech firm from which hackers claim to have stolen data belonging to the US Department of State and other government agencies, has confirmed experiencing a cybersecurity incident, but says the compromised data is not sensitive. A well-known hacker named IntelBroker announced this week on a cybercrime forum the release of documents belonging to "the Five Eyes Intelligence Group". READ MORE...


Cybercriminal adoption of browser fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is one of many tactics phishing site authors use to evade security checks and lengthen the lifespan of malicious campaigns. While browser fingerprinting has been used by legitimate organizations to uniquely identify web browsers for nearly 15 years, it is now also commonly exploited by cybercriminals: a recent study shows one in four phishing sites using some form of this technique. READ MORE...

New HTTP/2 DoS attack can crash web servers with a single connection

Newly discovered HTTP/2 protocol vulnerabilities called "CONTINUATION Flood" can lead to denial of service (DoS) attacks, crashing web servers with a single TCP connection in some implementations. HTTP/2 is an update to the HTTP protocol standardized in 2015, designed to improve web performance by introducing binary framing for efficient data transmission, multiplexing to allow multiple requests and responses over a single connection, and header compression to reduce overhead. READ MORE...

Software Updates

Google Patches Pixel Phone Zero-days After Exploitation by "Forensic Companies"

Google has issued a security advisory to owners of its Android Pixel smartphones, warning that it has discovered someone has been targeting some devices to bypass their built-in security. What makes the reported attacks particularly interesting is that traditional cybercriminals may not be behind them, but rather "forensic companies" exploiting two vulnerabilities to extract information and prevent remote wiping. READ MORE...


Malicious Latrodectus Downloader Picks Up Where QBot Left Off

At first, analysts thought the downloader was a variant of well-known malware IcedID - but it turns out Latrodectus is something new altogether. The malware is being used by initial access brokers (IABs) in email threat campaigns, and researchers behind the discovery at Proofpoint and Team Cymru S2 Threat Research Team predict Latrodectus will continue gaining momentum among threat actors. That's due in large part to its ability to evade sandbox detection, the researchers said. READ MORE...


Ivanti pledges security overhaul after critical vulnerabilities targeted in lengthy exploit spree

Ivanti initiated an overhaul of its internal security practices after critical vulnerabilities in the company's core product line were exploited over a months-long campaign linked to a suspected nation-state threat actor. Ivanti CEO Jeff Abbott issued a letter and video statement on Wednesday pledging to revamp its product security, vulnerability management and fully embrace secure by design and secure by default principles. READ MORE...

Magento Vulnerability Exploited to Deploy Persistent Backdoor

Threat actors are exploiting a critical vulnerability in Magento to inject a persistent backdoor into ecommerce websites, cybersecurity firm Sansec reports. The issue, tracked as CVE-2024-20720 (CVSS score of 9.1), is described as an OS command injection flaw leading to arbitrary code execution without user interaction. Adobe resolved the critical vulnerability in February 2024 in both Adobe Commerce and Magento, as part of its Tuesday Patch updates. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1792, President Washington exercises the very first veto of a bill passed by Congress. A changed version is passed five days later as the Apportionment Act of 1792.
  • ...in 1917, crime and horror writer Robert Bloch, best known as the author of "Psycho", is born in Chicago, IL.
  • ...in 1984, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar breaks Wilt Chamberlain's all-time career scoring record. He would go on to score 38,387 points before retiring in 1989.
  • ...in 1987, the Fox television network airs its first prime-time lineup, starting with "Married With Children" and "The Tracey Ullman Show."