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IT Security Newsletter - 8/2/2022


Top News

Ransomware Hit on European Pipeline & Energy Supplier Encevo Linked to BlackCat

Following a July 25 announcement that its subsidiaries had been breached in a ransomware attack, Encevo, an energy supplier based in Luxembourg, followed up a few days later with an update that teams were currently investigating the extent of the damage done. Now, new reports say the BlackCat ransomware group has posted 150GB of data on its extortion site, purportedly stolen from Encevo, and the group is threatening to release them within hours if the ransom isn't paid. READ MORE...


Wrestling star Mick Foley's Twitter compromised, selling PS5 consoles

One of the biggest wrestling stars around, Mick Foley, had his Twitter account hijacked in an attempt to legitimize a very popular scam. When a well known individual has their social media accounts compromised, disaster looms, as everything from phishing to malware distribution waits in the wings for potential victims. But this time, we traded messages with the scammer to see what was up. READ MORE...

Software Updates

Google Patches Critical Android Flaw Allowing Remote Code Execution via Bluetooth

Google on Monday published a security bulletin describing the latest round of patches for the Android operating system. Three dozen vulnerabilities have been fixed, including a critical issue that can be exploited for remote code execution over Bluetooth. The critical vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2022-20345 and it affects the System component. It has been patched with Android 12 and 12L updates. READ MORE...


Over 3,200 apps leak Twitter API keys, some allowing account hijacks

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a set of 3,207 mobile apps that are exposing Twitter API keys to the public, potentially enabling a threat actor to take over users' Twitter accounts that are associated with the app. The discovery belongs to cybersecurity firm CloudSEK, which scrutinized large app sets for potential data leaks and found 3,207 leaking a valid Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for the Twitter API. READ MORE...

Browser synchronization abuse: Bookmarks as a covert data exfiltration channel

Two universal and seemingly innocuous browser features - the ability to create bookmarks (aka "favorites") and browser synchronization - make users' lives easier, but may also allow hackers to establish a covert data exfiltration channel. Malicious browser extensions are a known and widespread threat, used by attackers to perform actions such as stealing passwords, exfitrating email data or delivering additional malware. READ MORE...

Millions of Arris routers are vulnerable to path traversal attacks

Security researcher Derek Abdine has published an advisory about vulnerabilities that exist in the MIT-licensed muhttpd web server. This web server is present in Arris firmware which can be found in several router models. muhttpd (mu HTTP deamon) is a simple but complete web server written in portable ANSI C. It has three major goals: Be simple, be portable, and be secure. Simplicity was the main goal for muhttpd, but because of its simplicity and broad use, it also must prioritize security. READ MORE...

Go-Based Apps Vulnerable to Attacks Due to URL Parsing Issue

Israeli cloud-native application security testing firm Oxeye discovered that the way URL parsing is implemented in some Go-based applications creates vulnerabilities that could allow threat actors to conduct unauthorized actions. Go, or Golang, is an open source programming language designed for building reliable and efficient software at scale. Supported by Google, Go is leveraged by some of the world's largest companies and it's often used to develop cloud-native apps, including for Kubernetes. READ MORE...

On This Date

  • ...in 1776, the Declaration of Independence is signed by every member of the Continental Congress.
  • ...in 1932, physicist Carl Anderson discovers the positron (the antimatter counterpart to the electron) while studying particles in cosmic rays.
  • ...in 1939, physicists Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard send a historic letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging the U.S. to build an atomic weapon.
  • ...in 2018, Apple Inc. becomes the first company to be valued at over $1 trillion USD.