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Good vs. Evil:  Dealing with today's cyber threats


Cadre Information Security is proud to be co-hosting an exclusive security event with SentinelOne.   

When: Friday, November 3rd starting at 10:30am 

Location: Cobb Theatre, 7514 Bales Street, Liberty Township, OH 45069

SentinelOne’s security experts will be on hand to discuss why the endpoint is now the focus for security professionals and the trends that have led up to the need for a smarter way to combat threats (aka evil).

• We will explore recent threats (WannaCry, NotPetya, etc.) and the year of ransomware in 2016 and the approaches that work to protect your organization.

• Discuss the different categories of modern "Next-Generation" endpoint solutions including AI, machine learning and behavioral based measures. 

• Understand how automated endpoint protection can work to protect against evil.

• Q&A with SentinelOne security expert who has first-hand knowledge of threat hunting, finding malicious code and how he stops threats quickly before they can cause harm.

Afterwards enjoy lunch and the exclusive movie premier of Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok!

To register for this event, just click here

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