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IT Security Newsletter - 5/4/2020

TrickBot Attack Exploits COVID-19 Fears with DocuSign-Themed Ploy

Threat actors are using people's interest in the Department of Labor's Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to spread what appears to be the TrickBot trojan in a new spam campaign...

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IT Security Newsletter - 5/1/2020

Newly-discovered Android malware steals banking passwords and 2FA codes

Security researchers at Cybereason are warning of a new mobile banking trojan that steals details from financial apps and intercepts SMS messages to bypass two-factor...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/30/2020

Google Play has been spreading advanced Android malware for years

Hackers have been using Google Play for years to distribute an unusually advanced backdoor capable of stealing a wide range of sensitive data, researchers said on Tuesday....

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/29/2020

Hackers Leak Biopharmaceutical Firm's Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack

The Clop ransomware group attacked biopharmaceutical company ExecuPharm and reportedly leaked some of the company's compromised data on underground forums. According to a...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/28/2020

Hackers leak credentials of WHO and Gates Foundation employees

Almost 25,000 email addresses and passwords allegedly belonging to employees of leading health organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the US National...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/27/2020

Collection of South Korean, U.S. Payment Cards Emerges on Underground Market

A collection of approximately 400,000 payment card records, mainly from South Korea and the United States, has emerged on the dark web this month, Group-IB reports....

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/24/2020

Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say

The alarming messages came fast and furious in mid-March, popping up on the cellphone screens and social media feeds of millions of Americans grappling with the...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/23/2020

A critical iPhone and iPad bug that lurked for 8 years may be under active attack

A critical bug that has lurked in iPhones and iPads for eight years appears to be under active attack by sophisticated hackers to hack the devices of high-profile...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/22/2020

Almost 8,000 could be affected by federal emergency loan data breach

Almost 8,000 business owners who applied for a loan from the Small Business Administration may have had their personal information exposed to other applicants, the SBA admitted...

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IT Security Newsletter - 4/21/2020

Detroit hospital network says data breach affected more than 100,000 patient accounts

A Detroit-area health care organization is alerting patients that their information may have been compromised in a recent data breach. Beaumont Health, a...

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