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IT Security Newsletter - 1/3/2020

Data Breach Affects 63 Landry’s Restaurants

Dining giant Landry’s disclosed a data breach, Thursday, warning that malware had infected its order-entry systems to steal customers’ payment card information. Landry’s, which owns over 600 popular...

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IT Security Newsletter - 1/2/2020

Microsoft seizes 50 websites used by North Korean hackers to gather intelligence

Microsoft has taken hold of 50 websites used by suspected North Korean hackers to bolster attempted hacks against government employees, universities and nuclear...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/30/2019

Wawa Facing Lawsuits Over Data Breach at All of its Stores

The Wawa convenience store chain is facing a wave of lawsuits over a data breach that affected its 850 locations along the East Coast. Wawa Inc. discovered malware on its payment...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/27/2019

Nepal Arrests 122 Chinese Over Suspected Cyber Scam

More than 100 Chinese nationals in Nepal on tourist visas have been detained over a suspected cyber scam, police said Wednesday, in the country's largest ever crackdown involving foreigners....

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/26/2019

Threatpost: Biggest Malware Threats of 2019

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/23/2019

One Day, Three Credit Card Data Breach Notifications

On the same day this week, two restaurants and a convenience store, all with locations across the U.S., disclosed security breach incidents that may have enabled attackers to steal customer...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/20/2019

267M Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Exposed Online

A database exposing the names, phone numbers and Facebook user IDs of millions of platform users was left unsecured on the web for nearly two weeks before it was removed. Security researcher Bob...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/19/2019

Macy’s breach is a game-changing Magecart attack

The payment card breach that hit Macy’s online store in October was the result of a highly targeted and custom-built Magecart attack that could set the trend for web skimmers going forward,...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/18/2019

Hackers steal data for 15 million patients, then sell it back to lab that lost it

Canada’s biggest provider of specialty laboratory testing services said it paid hackers an undisclosed amount for the return of personal data they stole belonging...

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IT Security Newsletter - 12/17/2019

N.J.’s Largest Hospital System Pays Up in Ransomware Attack

New Jersey’s largest hospital system said that it has paid hackers a ransom after a ransomware attack disrupted its services earlier this month. Hackensack Meridian Health, a $6 billion...

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