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IT Security Newsletter - 09/04/2020

Warner Music Group finds hackers compromised its online stores

Warner Music Group (WMG), the third-largest global music recording company, has disclosed a data breach affecting customers' personal and financial information after several of its...

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IT Security Newsletter - 09/03/2020

WordPress Websites Attacked via File Manager Plugin Vulnerability

Hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability that may be affecting hundreds of thousands of websites running WordPress. The vulnerability lies in versions of the popular...

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IT Security Newsletter - 09/02/2020

Norway is investigating a cyberattack on its parliament

Hackers have struck at the Norwegian parliament, compromising a limited number of email accounts of lawmakers and employees, the parliament's administrator said Tuesday. Attackers...

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IT Security Newsletter - 09/01/2020

American Payroll Association discloses credit card theft incident

The American Payroll Association (APA) disclosed a data breach affecting members and customers after attackers successfully planted a web skimmer on the organization's website...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/31/2020

Cisco engineer resigns then nukes 16k WebEx accounts, 456 VMs

A former Cisco employee pleaded guilty to accessing the company's cloud infrastructure in 2018, five months after resigning, to deploy code that led to the shut down of more than...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/28/2020

Confessions of an ID Theft Kingpin, Part I

At the height of his cybercriminal career, the hacker known as "Hieupc" was earning $125,000 a month running a bustling identity theft service that siphoned consumer dossiers from some of the world's...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/27/2020

Feds avert Russian man's $1 million plot to infect Nevada company's network

A Russian national has been criminally charged for allegedly offering $1 million to a person in return for them infecting their employer's network with malware. Federal...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/26/2020

DarkSide Ransomware hits North American real estate developer

North American land developer and home builder Brookfield Residential is one of the first victims of the new DarkSide Ransomware. Brookfield Residential is a U.S. and Canada planned...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/25/2020

Three places for early warning of ransomware and breaches that aren't the dark web

For better or worse, a lot of cybercrime sleuthing and forecasting tends to focus on various underground sites and forums across the deep and dark web corners of...

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IT Security Newsletter - 08/24/2020

DarkSide: New targeted ransomware demands million dollar ransoms

A new ransomware operation named DarkSide began attacking organizations earlier this month with customized attacks that have already earned them million-dollar payouts. Starting...

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