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IT Security Newsletter - 11/7/2019

North Korean hackers allegedly targeted Indian space agency

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/6/2019

Facebook: Third-Party App Developers Improperly Accessed User Information

Facebook says that 100 third-party application developers continued to access user information via the Groups API even after access to the data was restricted. The API was...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/5/2019

Japanese media giant Nikkei says $29 million lost in BEC scam

Scammers fleeced the publishing conglomerate Nikkei out of $29 million by impersonating an executive at the international firm. Nikkei America, the U.S. subsidiary of the Japanese...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/4/2019

Details of Attack on Electric Utility Emerge

For the first time, a malware attack is known to have caused service disruptions of the power grid in three states. The March 5 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against a Salt Lake...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/1/2019

Marriott Reports Exposure of Associates' Social Security Numbers

Marriott International notified some of its associates of an incident that exposed their social security numbers (SSNs) to an unknown party. An unknown individual may have accessed...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/31/2019

Krebs on Security: Breaches at NetworkSolutions, Register.com, and Web.com

Top domain name registrars NetworkSolutions.com, Register.com and Web.com are asking customers to reset their passwords after discovering an intrusion in August 2019 in...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/30/2019

Ransomware Attack Causes School 'District-Wide Shutdown'

A ransomware attack hitting Las Cruces Public Schools forced the district to shut down the entire computer system to contain the infection. Exchanging information with schools is impaired...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/29/2019

U.S. Food Chain Alerts Customers of Payment Card Incident

U.S. fast-food restaurant chain Krystal disclosed a security incident involving one of is payment processing systems and affecting some of its restaurants between July and September 2019....

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/28/2019

7.5 Million Records of Adobe Creative Cloud User Data Exposed

Adobe secured a database with 7.5 million records belonging to Adobe Creative Cloud users. The cache was not protected in any way, allowing anyone access to client information if they...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/25/2019

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down City of Johannesburg's Systems

The City of Johannesburg municipality shut down the website, its e-services platform, and the billing system (SAP ISU and CRM) following a ransomware attack that also led to...

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