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IT Security Newsletter - 11/10/2020

Microsoft Exchange Attack Exposes New xHunt Backdoors

Two never-before-seen Powershell backdoors have been uncovered, after researchers recently discovered an attack on Microsoft Exchange servers at an organization in Kuwait. The activity is...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/09/2020

Luxottica data breach exposes LensCrafters, EyeMed patient info

A Luxottica data breach has exposed the personal and protected health information for patients of LensCrafters, Target Optical, EyeMed, and other eye care practices. Luxottica is...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/06/2020

Campari hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware, $15 million demanded

Italian liquor company Campari Group was hit by a Ragnar Locker ransomware attack, where 2 TB of unencrypted files was allegedly stolen. To recover their files, Ragnar Locker is...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/05/2020

Capcom hacked. Resident Evil game developer discloses cyber attack

Japanese game developer Capcom has revealed that it suffered a security breach earlier this week which saw malicious hackers access its internal systems. The maker of such...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/04/2020

Folksam data breach leaks info of 1M Swedes to Google, Facebook, more

Folksam, one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden, today disclosed a data breach affecting around 1 million Swedes after sharing customers' personal info with multiple...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/03/2020

Russian National Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Role in Botnet Operation

Aleksandr Brovko, formerly of the Czech Republic, will serve eight years in prison for his role in operating a scheme to steal and traffic sensitive personal and...

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IT Security Newsletter - 11/02/2020

Gold seller JM Bullion hacked to steal customers' credit cards

Precious metal online retailer JM Bullion has disclosed a data breach after their site was hacked to include malicious scripts that stole customers' credit card information. JM...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/30/2020

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach in Order Confirmation SNAFU

Hundreds of emailed order confirmations for random strangers were sent to Canadian customers, each containing personal information. Home Depot has exposed the private order...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/29/2020

Fake COVID-19 survey hides ransomware in Canadian university attack

In recent weeks, we've observed a number of phishing attacks against universities worldwide which we attributed to the Silent Librarian APT group. On October 19, we identified a...

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IT Security Newsletter - 10/28/2020

Steelcase furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Office furniture giant Steelcase has suffered a ransomware attack that forced them to shut down their network to contain the attack's spread. Steelcase is the largest office furniture...

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