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IT Security Newsletter - 6/17/2022

China-linked APT Flew Under Radar for Decade

Researchers have identified a small yet potent China-linked APT that has flown under the radar for nearly a decade running campaigns against government, education and telecommunication organizations in...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/16/2022

Elasticsearch server with no password or encryption leaks a million records

Researchers at security product recommendation service Safety Detectives claim they've found almost a million customer records wide open on an Elasticsearch server run by...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/15/2022

A new vulnerability in Intel and AMD CPUs lets hackers steal encryption keys

Microprocessors from Intel, AMD, and other companies contain a newly discovered weakness that remote attackers can exploit to obtain cryptographic keys and other secret...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/14/2022

Cloudflare mitigates record-breaking HTTPS DDoS attack

Internet infrastructure firm Cloudflare said today that it mitigated a 26 million request per second distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the largest HTTPS DDoS attack detected to date....

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/13/2022

Credentials for thousands of open source projects free for the taking-again!

A service that helps open source developers write and test software is leaking thousands of authentication tokens and other security-sensitive secrets. Many of these leaks...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/10/22

Cloud data breaches: 4 biggest threats to cloud storage security

Just about anywhere you look, organizations are using the cloud in some form-and they're not all large enterprises. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are also reaping the many...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/9/22

It Doesn't Pay to Pay: Study Finds Eighty Percent of Ransomware Victims Attacked Again

It doesn't pay to pay. This advice on ransomware payment is often given, but rarely enumerated. Now it has been. A new study finds that 80% of companies that...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/8/22

Data Breach at Shields Health Care Group Impacts 2 Million Patients

Shields Health Care Group has informed roughly two million individuals of a cybersecurity incident that potentially impacted their personal data. The Massachusetts-based firm...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/7/22

Italian city of Palermo shuts down all systems to fend off cyberattack

The municipality of Palermo in Southern Italy suffered a cyberattack on Friday, which appears to have had a massive impact on a broad range of operations and services to both...

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IT Security Newsletter - 6/6/22

Costa Rican government held up by ransomware … again

Fresh off an intrusion by Conti last month, Costa Rica has been attacked by the Hive ransomware gang. According to the AP, Hive hit Costa Rica's Social Security system, and also struck the...

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