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Cadre's Story


Very few people were talking about network security when Cadre was formed back in late 1991. By most accounts, the first firewall was invented a year later, circa 1992, to the credit of multiple inventors. In the world of security technology, over two decades of experience makes Cadre a true pioneer in the business. Cadre was formed from a team of software developers that began to branch out into data security very quickly. In delving deeper, they recognized the risk potential for companies, a threat that many organizations had yet to understand entirely. Their early discussions began by explaining what a firewall does and more often backtracked to how a network functions behind the desktop. Inspired by the opportunity to stand at the forefront of a breakthrough in the technology industry, Cadre entered the security arena in 1996. 

Shortly thereafter, Cadre was offering support services for the earliest and most well-known names in security, including Check Point, CacheFlow (later acquired by Blue Coat Systems), and Ipsilon (later acquired by Nokia). In fact, for over a year during that time, Cadre offered Check Point support even before Check Point did!

Today, Cadre is a solidly run organization, with 64% growth in Net Worth per annum since the appointment of the current CEO & Chairman, Sandra Laney, in 2001. It also became employee-owned at that time, a foundation for the model of management that has allowed the organization to grow faster and more profitably than conventionally run competitors. 

It hasn't always been easy though. In the early days of the firm, finding talent with a knowledge foundation of security was very difficult. The learning curve was as steep internally as it was externally. Eventually a group of individuals with a passion for data security came together.

In 2012, Cadre became certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). Around that same timeframe, it was selected as Check Point Platinum Partner of the Year and Blue Coat Partner of the Year. These, and multiple awards from various manufacturing partners, have elevated the Cadre brand to a national level and positioned us alongside a very select group of solution providers. 

Cadre boasts an impressive collection of information security providers, technical support solutions, and services. Cadre's wide array of professional services includes Support, Consulting, Assessments and Training. Cadre's Support Services group provides Level 1-3 technical support for Check Point and Juniper products. The Consulting Services group provides excellent installation and upgrade services and the Assessment services group stands ready to assist with compliance and security architecture challenges. Cadre is an Authorized Training Partner for Check Point and offers training courses in Cincinnati, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Net net, we believed in security before it became headline news and everything we do is geared toward serving that belief; the security guidance we offer, the technical expertise we provide, and our commitment to best of breed technology. As security evolves, so too will Cadre, navigating the landscape to serve as our client's trusted advisors for decades to come.