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2022 Cyber Security Predictions


2021 has been quite the year with the latest Log4j vulnerability as the cherry on top. Our information security community has worked tirelessly to uphold the good, while often dealing with limited resources, staff, and sanity. The team at Cadre would like to take a moment to appreciate the hours of work devoted to fighting the bad.

So, what can we do to get ahead of malicious actors in 2022? Start predicting their next moves and prepare, of course. We've compiled a list of predictions for the year ahead to help set your organization on a safer path:

  1. Social Engineering attacks against mobile devices will become more mature and an even greater issue. Mobile Device Management solutions will need to me augmented with good Security Awareness programs.
  2. Ransomware attacks will (finally) get the attention of Boards of Directors and C-Level decision makers. Hopefully bringing Information Security out of IT as an independent business process. We suspect as with most trends, this will start on the coasts and take a few years to be adopted in the Midwest.
  3. Remote worker security will continue to be misunderstood by most organizations and even most IT departments. But, we should see improvements in Security Awareness training as well as security tools for endpoints.
  4. Quantum communications advances will continue, yet advances in Quantum Encryption/Decryption will still get most of the attention from the headlines (Quantum communications make Quantum Encryption sciences largely irrelevant).
  5. Issues with VoIP’s lack of redundancy and fault tolerance will start to be more recognized and (hopefully) start to be addressed.
  6. Lack of good and well followed industry standards for IoT devices may force the hand of the US or EU to create laws that require framework compliance. This is likely to help in some aspects, but cause more problems in other areas.
  7. The trend toward requiring cyber insurance and those insurers in turn requiring specific solutions will intensify. Businesses that are behind this curve will be in a poor negotiating position when looking at solutions.
  8. An increasing number of companies will rely on cloud solutions for even their on premises network security.

And beyond security, an important prediction:

The Cadre Trivia team will take first at least twice.

All jokes aside, the Cadre team wishes your organization a more secure year ahead. While we will undoubtedly face unforeseen challenges, our security experts are always on hand to help you navigate what lies ahead. Have a happy new year!