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Why ‘Enable MFA’ is Lousy Advice

This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month Theme – “See Yourself in Cyber” – offers four actionable things you can do to combat cyber threats. The first on the list is to “enable multi-factor authentication (MFA)” – but we think that’s lousy advice....

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4 Things a Data-Driven Defense Evangelist Wants You to Know

This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme is “See Yourself in Cyber” – highlighting the “people” part of cybersecurity. As security professionals, we know the importance of our digital actions, but that awareness isn’t innate for everyone.It...

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NEW PODCAST: The Current State of Cyber Insurance in 2022

As ransomware and other cyber threats grow, it has become increasingly difficult to find and purchase cyber insurance, even compared to a year ago. To secure cyber insurance today requires forms that may or may not truly represent your...

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How to Reduce Your Cyber Insurance Premiums

  • Ransomware increased by almost 13% – a rise as big as the last five years combined (for a total of 25% this year)
  • Supply chain was responsible for 62% of System Intrusion incidents this year
  • 82% of breaches involved the human elements whether it...
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SANS Survey 2022: Securing Infrastructure Operations

For organizations that want to quickly scale to meet operational and/or customer needs, a cloud presence offers an abundance of opportunities. It seems almost unfair to compare and contrast cloud and on-premises infrastructure on the merits of...

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2022 Cyber Security Predictions

2021 has been quite the year with the latest Log4j vulnerability as the cherry on top. Our information security community has worked tirelessly to uphold the good, while often dealing with limited resources, staff, and sanity. The team at Cadre...

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Top 5 Security Must-Haves to Fight Ransomware

The high incidence of ransomware isn’t an issue swept under the rug these days. It’s glaringly obvious in international headlines and at board-level conversations. Yet, there still seems to be a gap in strategies and tools that organizations...

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NEW PODCAST: Security Awareness is More Than Just Phishing Training

Security Awareness is a critical tool in an organization's toolkit. Yet, it tends to be a lower budget priority than other technical controls. According to recent research, 98% of organizations have a Security Awareness program, but only 23% use a...

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10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Mid-Size Organizations

Alleviating cybersecurity risks comes in many shapes and sizes—and so do organizations. Large enterprises with deep pockets and full-fledged SOC teams adopt the latest technologies and processes to fight back against adversaries. But for mid-size...

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You Won't Want to Miss This: Upcoming Events 2021

The Cadre team is excited to announce we will be hitting the road (and online) to safely connect with the information security community again! We hope you’ll meet up with us when we’re in your neck of the woods.

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Meet XDR: A New Approach to Threat Detection and Response

You’ve probably heard about it. Maybe you wrote it off as just another product on your cybersecurity bingo card? It is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)—cybersecurity’s “next big thing.”

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The SolarWinds Breach: What Your Business Can Learn From It

The SolarWinds compromise continues to stun government agencies and enterprises across industries around the globe. While the origin and scope of the supply chain attack remain a baffling debate among security experts and practitioners, one thing is...

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Getting Sassy in the Cloud

Operating on the edge with vigorous due diligenceMoving business processes, applications, and data to the cloud is inevitable as we expand operations and distribute workforces around the globe – yet this fundamental shift provides cybercriminals a...

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IT Budget on Hold? Gigamon Saves Big — and Pays for Itself

You’re about to push the button on a big investment. You’ve done all the recommended planning and researching to ensure you’re making the right decision. You are even prepared to sign on the dotted line — and suddenly everything changes.  

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The Current State of Security for the Internet of Things

The production industry has seen incredible changes over the last few centuries, and while emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things offer an abundance of previously unimaginable opportunities, they also present many challenges to...

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Winning Bug Wars: From Volkswagen Beetles to Million Dollar Bug Bounties

Bugs have been wreaking havoc in humanity long before the rise of information technology, but the bugs we know today have hefty bounties, as companies tap the global community of ethical hackers to scour code for security vulnerabilities before...

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7 Tips for Proactively Using Active Directory

Active directory is currently the most popular directory because it is proprietary to Microsoft operating systems, but its days may be numbered for many reasons. In this interview, Tim O'Connor, Manager of Knowledge Services at Cadre and an expert...

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Five Critical Steps for an Effective Remote Training Strategy

Cybercrime has skyrocketed during the pandemic, as untrained remote workers adapt to new environments and learn to do things that they’re not used to doing. 

“All kinds of figures come across my desk every day on how hacking, malware and exploits...

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Reopening After COVID-19: Looking Back and Strategies Moving Forward

Businesses are eager to open their doors, many remote workers are ecstatic about it, but reopening will not be as simple as flipping a switch and returning to “business as usual”. A variety of social restrictions will continue to disrupt our...

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Best Practices When Trying to Protect Your Information While Working Remotely

Asaf Lerner’s work in the identity and access management (IAM) space has spanned 20 years and two countries. His first job was on the R&D side with a small Israeli startup called Aladdin. In that job and others, he designed many PKI and...

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Join us for Happy Hour in Cincinnati

We are kicking off 2020 with our first Serve and Protect event in Cincinnati, OH on March 4th!  If you haven’t been to one, then you are missing out!

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5 Cyber Security Recaps from the Past Decade—And 5 Predictions for the Next One

While there's a heated debate about whether a new decade is actually beginning, the beginning of a new year is always a great time to look back, assess what has happened, and make predictions about the future. That's why we at Cadre conducted an...

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5 Factors to Make Your Secure Cloud Migration a Success

As more businesses transition their infrastructure to the cloud, understanding how to securely migrate to the cloud is imperative. After all, if companies don't adapt security architecture, they run the risk of substantial and costly downtime,...

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What You Need to Know from RSA Charge 2019


The RSA Charge 2019 took place in September at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. RSA, a company with a focus on encryption, encryption standards, and managing digital risk, was founded by Ron Rivest, Adi...

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10 Reasons a vCISO May Be a Good Choice for Your Company

If your company is like most, you’ve grappled with the high cost of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and/or a shortage of qualified candidates—either to serve as your CISO or to “fill in” any knowledge gaps in your technical staff.


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SOAR in the Cloud: 7 Factors to Consider

As cybercrime increases, it’s impossible for employees to keep up with every threat. It’s crucial for cybersecurity teams to work more efficiently with fewer resources. In this never-ending quest to stay ahead of threats, an increasing number of...

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How to Prevent 4 Network Security Threats that Cost Financial Services Millions

The Capital One breach exposed over 100 million customers’ sensitive information.In 2017, 147.9 million consumers were affected by the Equifax Breach.Over the past few years, data breaches have affected over 1 trillion user accounts and the...

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