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Monitor the Security State of your Internal Network with Virtual Network Vulnerability Scanning


Keeping abreast of your network and infrastructure can be a daunting task. Vulnerabilities are much more than a nuisance, they leave your company open to attacks that can lead to serious consequences. Patching vulnerabilities, monitoring email attachments, and keeping antivirus controls up to date are just some of the on-going requirements for keeping organizational data secure.

Cadre can help simplify those constant needs with our Managed Vulnerability Testing Services.

On a regular schedule, Cadre can test and identify:
• Missing Patches
• Deprecated software
• Vulnerable configurations
• Default passwords/credentials


Using an ARGOS Assessment Appliance, either physical or virtual, Cadre can monitor the security state of your internal network with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly network vulnerability scanning and testing. At intervals that best suit your needs, Cadre can test your internal network and provide detailed reports of your current security state.


Cadre provides a detailed report of test results from our Assessment — including changes in results from previous tests. This allows you to monitor the security state of your network devices on an ongoing basis. These reports identify discovered security vulnerabilities and provide in-depth recommendations for addressing those issues. Missing patches, bad configurations, or even active malware are identified and reported in a way that allows you to create an efficient process to remediate and to assure your most critical items are receiving the proper attention first.