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What a Former FBI CTO Thinks Should Keep You Up At Night

Part 1 of a three-part series

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How to Improve Your IT Security for the Upcoming Elections

Small governments seem to be stuck between a rock and several hard places.

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New Tools to Protect Credit Cards at Gas Stations But Who Gets to Use Them?

If you live in the U.S. and have ever noticed false charges on your credit card statement and had to call your bank to have your card canceled, chances are that you are the victim of skimming.  

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New Advances Show Evil Hackers can use Cell Phone Apps to Capture your Information by Sound

Evil hackers and corporate spies have had the ability to record the loud tap-tap-tap of computer keyboards to decipher a log of keystrokes for years. The risk of losing your credentials to such a hack has been low because the attacker would have...

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Research Suggests Your Battery Might be the Key to Thwarting the World’s Most Elusive Malware

Micro-architectural attacks are arguably the most dangerous and difficult of all forms of systems compromise to detect. Micro-architectural attacks leverage flaws in the chip hardware design of computer components. These kinds of flaws are...

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How Manufacturers Can Protect Against Ransomware Attacks

You might think your company doesn’t have much in common with the largest shipping company in the world, but if you’re a manufacturer, it’s increasingly likely that your business will be targeted via ransomware.

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5 Lesser Known Impacts of Poor Security

You wouldn’t leave the doors to your business unlocked, would you? Of course you wouldn’t. In the same vein, companies go to great lengths – installing alarms and cameras and hiring security – to ensure their locations are physically secure. Yet...

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Security Trends and Takeaways for the Second Half of 2019

So much has happened in terms of information security and breaches in 2018 that it can be a little overwhelming. Now that we’ve had time to reflect on 2018, we can summarize important lessons and takeaways as we head into the second half of...

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