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Breach Mitigation: Will It Take a Village?


No one is immune from data breaches. We’ve witnessed department stores, hospitals, insurance companies, media giants, dating websites, the federal government and so many others in the news almost daily with yet another breach.

This dominated the news in 2014 and in 2015. Breaches have increased.  In fact, we’ve almost become numb to the news reports of yet another data breach or, worse yet; news reports that still another company lacked basic security controls and that thousands, if not millions, of records were illegally accessed by cyber criminals.

It’s not just large organizations that are being attacked for the information and intellectual properties they possess. Small and medium-sized (SMB) companies are increasingly targets of attacks.  In many cases, smaller organizations are being attacked by cyber criminals, hacktivists and nation states to vet and verify the means to attack and breach larger companies.  In any case, the vulnerabilities and threats that these companies face are the same that we all face; however, the SMB companies don’t always have the monetary resources to recover from the damage.   Certainly the larger companies dominate the news but all networks are at risk.  So, perhaps it's time we stopped going it alone and shared more with one another on what works and what doesn’t. 

No company is immune to these attacks no matter how small.  The breaches are not always about financial gain for the attackers in acquiring data from networks.  Companies of all sizes have breaches due to disgruntled employees and potential employee mistakes from not understanding security processes or a vendor that has access.

As a partner, as a consultant, as a fellow business protecting human resources, financial and customer data, Cadre understands what you're going through.

Whether you’re assessing and managing the risks to a large database full of sensitive employee information, trying to implement a full disk encryption strategy on your sales force’s laptop computers,  looking to cost-effectively replace your next-generation firewall  or just update your anti-malware software, Cadre has the expertise and resources to help you protect your assets.