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An Insider's Guide to the FBI Cyber Security Briefing on Iran

Cadre’s manager of Knowledge Services, Tim O’Connor, was invited to an FBI Cyber Security briefing on the official Threat Profile for Iran. He gave us a download on everything he learned about what to look for and how to protect your company. 


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How to Prevent 4 Network Security Threats that Cost Financial Services Millions

The Capital One breach exposed over 100 million customers’ sensitive information.In 2017, 147.9 million consumers were affected by the Equifax Breach.Over the past few years, data breaches have affected over 1 trillion user accounts and the...

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Myth Busted: Small Organizations are at Low Risk of Hacking Because they are not Desirable Targets For Hackers

All of these are common myths, but only one has dangerous misinformation. Can you figure it out?

  1. George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. 
  2. After you die, your fingernails continue to grow. 
  3. You don’t have to worry about your small business...
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A Former CTO of the FBI Cyber Division on the State of Cybersecurity

Part 3 of a three-part series

Milan Patel, current chief client officer at BlueVoyant and former CTO of the FBI Cyber Division, keeps up with the latest in cybercrime and cybersecurity.  (If you missed his great tale of his first FBI vehicle—not...

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The Advice a Former CTO of the FBI Cyber Division Would Give His Best Friend About Cybersecurity

Milan Patel has seen a thing or two. He can’t talk about some of it, which makes sense, given that he’s the former CTO of the FBI Cyber Division. While there, he organized and co-led the Joint Requirements Team, facilitated by the White House...

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What a Former CTO of the FBI Cyber Division Thinks Should Keep You Up At Night

Part 1 of a three-part series

Even if you weren’t interested in cybersecurity, Milan Patel is the kind of guy you hope you get seated next to at a dinner party so you can listen to his stories. Currently the Chief Client Officer at BlueVoyant,...

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How to Improve Your IT Security for the Upcoming Elections

Small governments seem to be stuck between a rock and several hard places.

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If Your Healthcare Data is Leaked Chances are Your Doctor’s Office, not an Evil Hacker, is to Blame

New research from Michigan State and Johns Hopkins Universities show that failed internal information handling and negligence at healthcare providers’ offices accounts for more than half of personal health information (PHI) breaches.

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Research Suggests Your Battery Might be the Key to Thwarting the World’s Most Elusive Malware

Micro-architectural attacks are arguably the most dangerous and difficult of all forms of systems compromise to detect. Micro-architectural attacks leverage flaws in the chip hardware design of computer components. These kinds of flaws are...

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Grab-n-Go Baldr Malware: A Stunning New Type of Malware

Author: Tim O'Connor

A revolutionary new type of malware toolset is starting to show up in dark web hacking forums. The new malware architecture is being called “Grab-n-Go”.

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