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Cadre Now Offers Managed Services


When it comes to managing IT for your business, you can never have too much help. 

That's why Cadre is now offering Managed Security Services. 

Maintaining and upgrading a security system requires a defined, comprehensive process for updating and implementing that is both repeatable and measurable. Having worked in thousands of environments, Cadre has developed strategies that simplify these processes and allows for faster, more efficient, and maximum security.

Our engineers will take the burden off your team with comprehensive IT security support. We have services that administer, maintain, and monitor your IT security infrastructure so your staff can innovate and improve workflow to your environment. 

Key Benefits:
  • Protect systems and data: alerting you to threats before damage is done
  • Remove the management burden: free up resources and reduce overhead by leveraging our experts
  • Support compliance initiatives: meet requirements for perimeter security, access control and log analysis
  • Assisting in the entire range from singular projects (upgrades or major network changes) to total Security Management solutions to fit what your business needs

With our managed services team on your side, we provide several hassle-free options for your business.


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