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The Current State of Security for the Internet of Things


The production industry has seen incredible changes over the last few centuries, and while emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things offer an abundance of previously unimaginable opportunities, they also present many challenges to business and security operations.

This significant shift in the industry also provides another attack vector for cybercriminals to exploit and potentially shutdown operations, as we’ve seen in recent news headlines flaunting pervasive cyberattacks.

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to overcome these challenges and build a more secure industrial environment, including:

  • Leverage network access controls to protect devices that are critical to business and security operations.
  • Segment your networks to keep production going securely and help prevent spread of malicious activities.
  • Apply modern IoT threat intelligence (machine learning and AI) to detect anomalous behavior and malicious activities.
  • Elevate your customer’s cooperation and neutralize shop floor turf wars between shop floor managers and security folks.
  • Take 7 critical steps to build a robust cybersecurity solution that adheres to strict government compliance regulations.

Check out this eBook to learn how you can implement all of these to protect your network security ecosystem and fortify your organization.

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