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Greg Franseth

Network Firewall: Still need or not?

Network firewall security dates back to the 1990s. If you’re like us, that makes you feel a...
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Is this Critical Mistake Hurting Your Cybersecurity Risk Posture?

One of the great ironies of IT is that so many IT and security departments are built on two basic...
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Face the Facts: 3 Cloud Security Realities

The internet is chock-full of cloud growth stats. We all know it’s happening, but do we really know...
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Corporate Security and Ken Jennings’ Laundry

We say it all the time in this industry: “People are the biggest security risk in your...
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Does Your IT Department Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Four Reasons that Could be a Big Problem

During challenging times, we hope we have the right tools in place to see us through. A key piece...
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When the Next Recession Comes, Will Your Security be Ready?

Recessions stink. Business contracts, companies pull back and attempt to shrink inventories,...
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