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Greg Franseth

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Face the Facts: 3 Cloud Security Realities

The internet is chock-full of cloud growth stats. We all know it’s happening, but do we really know how great our security risk is? According to our friends over at Netskope, in 2020, the number of apps in use by the average enterprise increased...
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Corporate Security and Ken Jennings’ Laundry

We say it all the time in this industry: “People are the biggest security risk in your organization.” What is sometimes missed in that is a good understanding of why. Let me start by giving you a hint, it is not because your employees are...

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Does Your IT Department Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Four Reasons that Could be a Big Problem

During challenging times, we hope we have the right tools in place to see us through. A key piece for any business is having the right plans in place in case of a disaster. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves at risk because:

    • The...

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When the Next Recession Comes, Will Your Security be Ready?

Recessions stink. Business contracts, companies pull back and attempt to shrink inventories, employees lose their jobs. As revenues decline, it’s harder to fund the key aspects of the business. But recessions also embody the creative destruction...

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