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GRC Roadmap Webinar


In this webinar we discuss what GRC is, why you need a GRC Strategy Roadmap, and how you can leverage a Roadmap to guide you through the GRC implementation journey.

Wherever you are in that journey, the roadmap will allow you to establish priorities, determine resourcing, monitor project milestones, communicate status to senior management and modify strategy as your business requirements evolve. In any of the phases of the GRC maturity journey you will find value in the establishment of a Strategy Roadmap. It will enable you to gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives and chart future phases of work.

With a GRC Strategy Roadmap, you‘ll have the tools to:

  • Document and define the vision and scope of your desired enterprise GRC program
  • Get all stakeholders involved in the process and committed to the effort
  • Evaluate existing processes and expose dependencies and redundancies across the enterprise
  • Identify integration points among enterprise systems and solutions
  • Prioritize the implementation of business processes
  • Utilize the Roadmap to monitor the progress of your GRC program


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