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The SolarWinds Breach: What Your Business Can Learn From It


The SolarWinds compromise continues to stun government agencies and enterprises across industries around the globe.

While the origin and scope of the supply chain attack remain a baffling debate among security experts and practitioners, one thing is certain – the devastating toll it delivered to the constantly growing number of known victims reminds us that no one is immune to the highly complex cyberattacks from today’s relentless nation state actors.

Greg Franseth, Director of Professional Services at Cadre, and Hashtag Real Talk’s Aaron Bregg give us a high-level overview of what happened, including the recent discovery of state-sponsored actors involved, and provide insight on how businesses can prevent becoming a victim.

Chime in on this short video if you:

Believe it’s time to take nation state actors more serious.
Want to understand how their sophisticated attacks went undetected for so long.
Want a few tips to stop their malicious attempts to exploit your people and sensitive assets.

Plus, Greg and Aaron are an engaging cadre.