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NEW PODCAST: The Current State of Cyber Insurance in 2022


As ransomware and other cyber threats grow, it has become increasingly difficult to find and purchase cyber insurance, even compared to a year ago. To secure cyber insurance today requires forms that may or may not truly represent your organization's security maturity, but still play an integral role in coverage. Particularly as adversaries continue to make headway over defenders -- requiring larger sums of money for ransom -- which has resulted in insurance companies paying more than their premiums bring in from policyholders. 

In the latest #RealTalk with Aaron Bregg, Cadre's Manager of Knowledge Services, Tim O'Connor, discusses the difficult state of cyber insurance today and how businesses can make the system work for them for greater protection.

The podcast tackles the hard talk about cyber insurance, including:

    • What does the industry look like today and why does it look that way? 
    • What do you need to know when you are filling out the forms?
    • Is the form an indicator of the maturity of the insurance carrier? 
    • Did you know you can carry supplemental insurance like Home and Auto insurance?
    • Is it true insurance carriers lower rates if you have 'X' cybersecurity solutions in your ecosystem?

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